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PercentageCalculator.Today is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple and effective method to swiftly determine a sum of money as a percentage of another, or to calculate the common percentage between two figures. It can also be used to calculate discounts, calculate sales tax, and much more.

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What is a percentage?

A percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It is represented by the symbol ‘%’ and is used to compare one number relative to another (often denoted with words like “percentage of”).

For example, if you were comparing two numbers – say, 5 and 10 – you could express this comparison as a percentage by dividing 5 by 10 and then multiplying that answer by 100. This would give you a result of 50%, which means that 5 is half the size of 10.

Percentages can be used to compare almost any two numbers – from smaller, everyday amounts to large-scale or global figures.

Why are percentages important?

Percentages are important because they provide a way to compare different values and assess their relationship.

For example, if you look at sales figures for two different products, comparing the percentages of change gives an indication as to which product is more successful. This analysis also allows you to identify areas where improvement may be necessary, such as increasing market share, or reducing costs…

Percentages can be also helpful for calculating anything from the cost of a product to your taxes. They also make it easier to compare different values, such as annual growth or impact on overall budget…

Which calculators do we have available?

We offer our users three calculators:

  • “5 is what percent of 20?” Answer: 25%
  • “What is 5% of 20?” Answer: 1
  • “What is the percentage increase/decrease from 3 to 9?” Answer: 200%

Here are simple explanations for the calculations given above:

  • 5 is what percent of 20 = 25%

This means that 5 is 25% of 20. If you divide 5 by 20 and multiply it by 100, you get 25%. So, 5 makes up a quarter of the number 20.

  • What is 5% of 20 = 1

This means that 5% of the number 20 is 1. If you calculate 5% of 20 (which is like multiplying 20 by 0.05), you get the number 1.

  • What is the percentage increase/decrease from 3 to 9 = 200%

This means that the change from 3 to 9 is a 200% increase. To calculate this, you take the difference between 3 and 9 (which is 6) and divide it by 3 (the initial value). Since 6 divided by 3 equals 2, then the final percentage increase is 200%.

Change Logs

8/24/2023 – Update


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  • Added a basic tool for calculating percentages efficiently and accurately.
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  • Enhanced quality and speed of calculations with improved algorithms.

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How to Use Our Percentage Calculator

Our online percentage calculator is a quick and convenient tool. It's user-friendly and perfect for saving time when calculating percentages...

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